Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Spyder MRx Paintball Marker

Check out the hot new 2012 Spyder MRX paintball gun from Kingman. This is their first ever milsim relase and they expect this to be one of the hottest guns of the year. With the quick quarter turn of your barrel, your Spyder MRx can easlily go from a standard hopper fed paintball gun to a Mag Fed paintball gun.

With a price tag of just over $200, the Spyder MRx is a great choice if you are a paintball player looking to get into the scenario/milsim market and have a good competitive paintball gun. Check out the Spyder MRx and all of its great features today. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Luxe 2.0 Paintball Gun

The New Luxe 2.0 paintball gun has tons of great new features that are prepared to rock. Order your Luxe 2.0 paintball gun and send us your review.

All new circuit board - The Luxe 2.0 Circuit Board takes advantage of advances in embedded controller technology to provide more efficient and responsive performance. A more effective “sleep” mode allows the Luxe to maintain its battery charge longer between uses while separate voltage regulators for analog and digital circuits optimize power-on performance for longer battery life.

Luxe USB Interface Application – This new Windows based software provides three levels of communication with the Luxe 2.0. Luxe firmware updates can be flashed into the Luxe 2.0 circuit board without having to send it in to a Luxe Prestige Dealer. Using substitution-permutation network based encoding, the Luxe 2.0 relies on NSA top-secret approved encryption to ensure that only legitimate Luxe software is loaded via the USB connection. The USB Interface Application features bi-directional settings transfer to read or change any of the Luxe’s 19 user-adjustable settings with an easy to use one-page menu. The USB Interface Application also allows for the installation of new voice sets into the Luxe 2.0.

All new voices – The Luxe 2.0 is configured from the factory with the all new Luxe 2.0 default voice as well as select phrases in Spanish, German and Russian, but it doesn’t stop there. Three of the Luxe 2.0’s four voice banks can be easily re-flashed with the Luxe USB Interface application. A growing library of complete voice sets (not just select phrases) in various languages, and the voices of professional paintball players like Todd Martinez, Konstantin Fedorov and Patrick Wrobel will be available soon at

Easy access Fire Chamber – The easiest to maintain luxury paintball marker just got even easier! The Luxe power core still provides the fastest access to both the bolt and valve system of any tournament marker. New cut-outs in the Luxe 2.0 fire chamber increase staged gas volume to protect against shoot-down while providing easier access to the chamber’s internal o-rings.

Bolt Return Spring – Inside the nose of the Luxe 2.0 bolt is a small spring which stores excess energy from the bolt’s return stroke and releases it right when it is needed, as the bolt overcomes friction to begin its forward motion. The result is an immediate reduction in first-shot drop.

Easy Feathertouch Access – One of the most popular updates to the Luxe design has been Feathertouch. Players can choose between the fastest possible recharge cycle or pneumatic buffering to soften the bolt’s forward movement. With Feathertouch, the Luxe’s recoil is virtually eliminated and its buffered bolt movement is gentle on even the most brittle paintballs. The Luxe 2.0 grip frame features an access port allowing the Feathertouch Control Screw to be installed without removing the grip frame. An additional storage port keeps the Feathertouch Control Screw secure when not in use.

New Quick Latch System – The groundbreaking quick-latch ball detent and eye covers that made their debut on the original Luxe have proven their worth in rapid cleaning between points in the staging area. Unfortunately, they also occasionally became dislodged at inopportune times. The new Luxe 2.0 Quick Latch system augments the positive retention magnets with compact physical latches that operate smoothly, and open just as fast.

Luxe 2.0 Case – The redesigned Luxe case features improved padding and a more rugged dent resistant exterior to handle the abuses paintball travel in style.

The same great performance – The Luxe 2.0 retains all the best features from its heritage: multi-league firing modes, sleek ergonomic design, joystick controlled easy voice-navigation menu system, unbeatably fast access to both the bolt and valve for fast cleaning and maintenance, Freak adaptable barrel technology, 4-point adjustable trigger, angled ball detents, hose and tube free integrated air design, and red-carpet customer service befitting a true luxury paintball marker.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun

This is the new Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun. This picture of the Planet Eclipse Etha paintball gun that is expected to debut sometime before the Christmas season. No one has a clue what the price point of the Eclipse Etha paintball gun will be but it may be like the little brother to the Geo series guns which means the price could be anywhere from about $900 and below.

If the Planet Eclipse Etha Paintball Gun turns out to be the little brother to the GEO, then we can expect to see them packed all over the paintball field. For now, we can only sit and wait for an official release from PE about the New Eclipse Etha paintball gun.

Techt G6R Hush Bolt INFO

Check out the new Techt G6r Hush Bolt. When you drop the new Techt G6r Bolt in your paintball gun you will see an immideate increase in performance. 

The TECHT Hush Pro Series Bolt for the Bob Long G6R takes an already great gun and makes it even better. Our "even-flo" face design allows for a much quieter sound signature while also improving consistency & accuracy. Our o-ring configuration combined with even-flo face increase over all efficiency. Our o-ring placement concentrates more of the air through the face of the bolt. This results in less air being wasted around the perimeter of the bolt, and more air being truly utilized with each shot. The Techt G6R Hush Bolt also incorporates our radial ramping face ,that has been tried and  proven in our other Hush Bolt designs. Our Radial Ramping face reduces breech breaks and clipping of the ball stack during high rates of fire.

Because of the G6R's superior valve technology and how precisely the valve and spring are balanced, the TECHT Hush Pro Series Bolt is exactly the same weight to insure proper valve function during the marker's cycle.

  • Quiet Operation: the Hush Bolt was designed to have a less abrupt "pop" or "crack" that has traditionally been associated with Open Face Bolt Markers. The TechT G6R Hush Bolt has a quieter, more muffled sound signature. This means your field position is given away less, and communication on the field becomes easier than ever before.
  • Increased Efficiency: the combination of the Even-Flow face and our unique o-ring configuration allows the Hush Bolt to seal the routing of air directly through the face. This results in less air being leaked around the bolt itself- which means far less wasted air. The Even-Flo Face also allows for extremely uniform airflow- this means tighter groupings and better accuracy.
  • Radial Ramping Face: our Hush Bolt features a Radial Ramping Face which allows for less ball stack clipping, which means less broken paint in your breech.
  • Intended to be used with stock bolt pin. Pin not included!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Empire Prophecy Z2

This is the all new Empire Prophecy Z2 loader from Empire PB. Chocked with a ton of great features, the Prophecy Z2 is expected to be one of the hottest loaders for the 2011/2012 paintball seasons.

Here are some of  the great features that are included on the Empire Prophecy Z2 loader. Complete tooless dissassembly to take apart your enitre loader. Sound activated Prophecy Z2 board that powers a complete force feed system. Infrared sensores installed throughout the loader can quickly determine if there is any type of  jam within the loader.

The Low profile and light weight design of the Empire Prophecy Z2 make this one of the most compact and sleek designs on the market and is sure to cut down on loader eliminations.

The Empire Prophecy Z2 is currently available at the following two online paintball retailaers. Check the latest prices: - Empire Prophecy Z2 - Prophecy Z2

Friday, July 8, 2011

Spyder E-Frame Electric Trigger

The Spyder E-Frame is a must have upgrade for anyone who wants to take their stock mechanical Spyder and turn it into a seriously competitive paintball gun. With just a few screws you can remove your stock trigger frame and install the new Spdyer E-Frame electric trigger.

Packed with great modes and a hair trigger, the Spyder Electric frame will give you the firepower you need to keep up with all of the high end and fast shooting guns on the market. There is no need to buy a new gun when you can add a Spyder E-frame to your paintball marker for under $60.

If you are serious about paintball, about your equipment and have a Spyder then this is a no brainer. Check out all of the Spyder Electric frames today.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Paintball Jerseys On Sale

A good quality paintball jersey is a must have for any paintball player that is serious. You will find paintball jerseys to be specifically designed with the player in mind. As with everything in life, the more money you spend on a paintball jersey, the better quality and features will come stock.

Some of the most important features are the Elbow protection, shoulder protection and breath-ability. You will want to find a paintball jersey with good elbow pads so as you dive or crawl on the ground, you will be able to maneuver pain free. If you have good breath-ability on your paintball jersey then it will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The shoulder padding is also important to reduce the impact of paintballs and give you more bounces.

With these things in mind, good luck choosing just the right paintball jersey in your price range.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Empire Paintball Hat

An Empire paintball hat is a great way to support one of the top paintball brands. There are about 40 different Empire paintball hats in production for you to pick from.

When choosing the right Empire paintball hat, you will want to pay attention to the style of the actual hat. You can choose from a Fitted hat (new era style), Adjustable hat or Two size hat. The two size Empire paintball hats are the most common and come in your choice of Large/Xlarge or Small/Medium.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paintball Chest Protector

A paintball chest protector will keep you padded and protected on the paintball field. Over the years paintball chest protectors have changed from hard plastic protection that you would wear over your shirt into a soft padded t-shirt that you would wear under your jersey.

With almost 360 degrees of upper body padding, a paintball chest protector will keep you from welting up whether you get shot in the back, chest or arms. Most parents feel much safer about their kids playing paintball if they know they will have a good quality and reliable paintball chest protector.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Planet Eclipse CSL Ego

The Planet Eclipse CSL Ego is finally released today. Available shortly, the Planet Eclipse CSL Ego is rumored to be the best paintball gun to hit the market in years.

Each year Eclipse takes their current model gun and makes a very limited version with a ton of different upgrades and features. In past years it has been the SL94, SL8R, SLS and now the Planet Eclipse CSL Ego.

The Planet Eclipse CSL Ego will probably include all of the current 2011 Ego features as well as some extra bells and whistles. Dont worry... the POPS ASA will probably come stock on the CSL.

Check back soon for pictures and more information about the Planet Eclipse CSL Ego

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1

The Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 is released today (4/7/2001) to the public. Similar to the old version, the Eclipse Geo 2.1 has a couple of new and great features included at the same old price of $1250.00

We can start with the all new POPS on/off ASA. With just a quick slide back to gas up the gun or the push of a button to de-gas your gun, the POPS ASA that is indluced on the Eclipse Geo 2.1 is a must have for any paintball player.

The second drastic change on the Eclipse Geo 2.1 is the inline regulator collar. The new collar is built into the the reg at an angle to keep your macroline and macroline fitting out of the way of your hands. This piece is only included on the new Eclipse Geo 2.1 and 2011 Ego model guns.

Check out all of the new Eclipse Geo 2.1 Pictures Now

Monday, February 21, 2011

Virtue Glint Lens Spray

The Virtue Glint Lens spray is a cleaner and protectant for any goggle. Virtue Glint Lens Spray is great for any type of paintball mask or lens on the market.

Virtue Glint Lens Spray is the only Triple Action, specially formulated, goggle spray in paintball -- Cleans, Protects & adds ANti-fog capabilities.

“Every time you clean your goggle, spray Glint™ on your lens to maintain longer lasting, ‘brand new’ lens clarity!”

* Extends Lens Life: Special additives apply a micro-protectant layer to your lens, filling in hairline cracks, improves scratch resistance and prolongs lens life.
* Cleans Quickly & Stays Clean Longer: Polycarbonate-safe degreaser quickly cleans the lens and adds anti-static protection to keep it cleaner longer.
* Anti-Fog Protection: Prevents condesnation and fog from forming on the lens.
* 250ml Bottle: Compact enough to fit in your gearbag, with cleaning solution to last you the entire year
* Angled Trigger Sprayer Head: Easy spray-on application from a downward angle.
* Limited Time Only! Virtue Dual-Sided Microfiber included($10 Value)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dye Tank Cover

Dye Rhino Tank Cover - Gray - 45ciThe Dye Tank Cover is one of the best bottle covers on the market. If you are hunting around for a Dye Tank Cover then you know you will be getting one of the best quality bottle covers on the market.

With a Very durable zipper and lots of padding, the Dye Tank Cover is built to take a serious beating while leaving your paintball tank in great condition. You can get some great deals on the older Dye paintball Tank Covers that are floating around on the market but if you want the newest one you will be paying top dollar.

2011 Planet Eclipse Sweatshirt

The 2011 Planet Eclipse Sweatshirt is finally released and truly looks great. There are a ton of great style 2011 Planet Eclipse Sweatshirts that are available for as low as $65.

My Favorite 2011 Planet Eclipse Sweatshirt is the Scorpio which I think looks really good. Check out all of the different 2011 Planet Eclipse Sweatshirt designs and look paintball stylish off the field also. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valken V-Max Loader

The new Valken V-Max loader is one of the hottest loaders to hit paintball. When you get the all new Valken V-Max loader in your hands you will see that it weights under one pound and looks great.

The first official Valken V-Max loader review is yet to hit the market but with an expected feed rate of over 30 balls per second you can truly expect some great things from this hopper.

With a starting price of $119.95 the Valken Vmax loader looks to be in the budged for pretty much all level paintballers. Holding just about 220 rounds, the Valken V-max has enough paint to deliver great firepower. 

Jump on board and stay tuned for all of the new Valken V-Max loader info and reviews.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Empire Paintball Tank

The Empire paintball tank is brand new to paintball and is one of the best bottles on the market. The Empire paintball tank will help you take your game to the next level with one of the best tanks in paintball.

Suprisingly, the Empire paintball tank is very reasonably priced and comes standard with a 5 year hydro life. Once the 5 years are up you can send your Empire paintball tank to any testing facility and you will have another 5 years.

Paintball Mask Lens

There are a ton of different paintball mask lens options on the market now. To find the right paintball lens you will need to know your surroundings and the weather for the day. If you choose the right paintball lens then you will clearly see your enemies as well as your surroundings.

A paintball mask lens is very easy to swap out and is usually done in a matter of minutes. Once you pop off the retainer clips of your paintball mask, the paintball mask lens will slide right into place.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Dye Rotor Loader

The Dye Rotor is one of the most popular paintball loaders to ever hit the paintball market. Now you can own your brand new Dye Rotor paintball loader for cheaper than ever before. Check out all of the great deals now on the Dye Rotor Paintball loaders.
Dye Rotor Paintball Loader Hopper - BlackDye Rotor Paintball Loader Hopper - Limited Grey LiquidDye Rotor Paintball Loader Hopper - WhiteDye Precision Rotor Loader (Grey)09 Dye Rotor Paintball Loader Hopper - Red

Search for dye rotor

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dangerous Power E1 Paintball Gun

The Dangerous Power E1 brings paintball to a whole new level. With the Dangerous Power E1 paintball gun in your hands, you can have a good quality tournament paintball gun and not break the bank.

From the second you pick up the Dangerous Power E1, you will know that this gun is a home run. Priced at about $200, this gun can keep up with the most expensive guns on the market.

Check out all of the great new features of the Dangerous Power E1 paintball gun and get your gun ordered today.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tippmann Gryphon Paintball Gun

The Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun is the latest release before Christmas. It seems that the Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun will be the target of interest if you plan on shopping at any place like sports chalet, walmart, dicks, or sports authority.

For only $69, you will be hard pressed to find a better gun than the Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun. If you are shopping for this Christmas season, you will have to go with the Complete Power Pack version of the Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun as the Gun Only will be released after the first of the year.

Some key features of the Tippmann Gryphon paintball gun include no external hosing, ergonomic front grip, vertical feed neck and special Feedneck, Trigger Frame and Tank area for balance.
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